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    Hylec celebrates success: over 3.5 million Debox S and SL in line junction boxes sold since launch and rolling repeat orders

    Time-saving design supplied complete with terminal block proving popular with contractors, installers, professional electricians and diy users for internal lighting and power applications

     April 2018 – Wellingborough, UK:  Hylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical components and enclosures, is celebrating the success of its Debox in-line cable junction box, which has sold over 3.5 million units to date. Designed to make installers and contractors’ lives easier and save hours of installation time by including everything installers need to join cables, the original Debox was launched in 2015, the brainchild of Hylec-APL CEO, Andy Hatter.  The second generation Debox S and Debox SL followed in September 2016, the Debox SL being the UK’s first-ever 100% screwless junction box design.  This innovative, maintenance-free cable junction box from Hylec suits internal applications, including ring main lighting, LED lighting and power.  It is IP20 protected and meets GWT 650 degreeC testing and British Standard EN 60670-22 for electrical accessories for fixed electrical installations.

    “Since its original launch, sales have exceeded both our forecasts and our expectations.” comments Steve Robbins, Sales Director, Hylec.  “We sell through all the leading distributors, trade outlets and retailers, including Edmundson, Yess, Screwfix, CEF, Farnell, Rapid, CPD and quality independents, who do a great job.   Repeat orders have been excellent and we are seeing increased unit quantities on repeat orders across the board.” “We expanded our manufacturing capacity last year in order to ramp up production to cope with demand.” adds Andy Hatter, CEO, Hylec.  “Looking at February 2018’s figures, we have now produced over 3.5 million Deboxes, and I’m really proud that we have designed and brought to the trade such a popular and useful item.  Often it is the small things that make a big difference, and on a bigger project, say a lighting installation, saving a few minutes on each cable join can really add up, speeding the installation and saving not only time but money too.”

    Debox S and SL can be assembled in a few seconds against several minutes for a traditional junction box because they are supplied complete with all components needed to join flat or round profile cable, including a UL and VDE-approved 4-pole terminal block.  With everything required immediately to hand, installers are not delayed in the search for dropped screws or missing components.

    Debox S has a terminal block that merely requires tightening of the already-positioned screws to hold the wires, while Debox SL includes a 4-pole screw-less push wire terminal block (max current 16A), so assembly is 100% tool-less: not even a screwdriver is required.  Convenient and robust, this push wire/push button terminal block offers a guarantee of up to 50 connector insertions.  After inserting the cables and closing the included cable clamps, the lid of Debox S and Debox SL is simply snapped shut and held with the integral supplied locking clip – there’s a spare inside the box just in case. A ratchet arm holds the cables securely within the junction box and features a tailer for improved ratchet control.  There are rip-off mounting ears to securely mount the box.  Maintenance-free and constructed from white polypropylene. Flame retardant to UL940V 0, they conform to the EN60598-1 (13.3.2) Glow Wire Test and are IP20 protected.    Debox SL junction boxes measure 28.5mm x 50mm x 97mm and have a temperature rating of -20degC to +85degC.

    Debox SL is only available through Hylec-APL and its official distributors.