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    ‘Screwless’ DEBOX in-line junction box gets new, compact, instructional Counter Display Unit

    August 2015 – Wellingborough, UK: Hylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical components, enclosures and rack systems, has announced a new CDU – counter display unit for its innovative, re-imagined DEBOX in-line junction box. Targeting electrical wholesalers, the new CDU is compact and includes a 3-step infographic showing how DEBOX simplifies  the installation process by removing the need for screws which are often supplied loose and can get dropped and lost when the box is opened, or forgotten in the first place.

    DEBOX’s registered design maximises efficiency at every stage of installation. Each junction box is supplied with a four-pole terminal block which is secured on a push-fit mounting pole. Cables are clamped in place not screwed. The installer always has everything he needs immediately to hand, and there is no chance of items being dropped or mislaid. Not only does DEBOX reduce time on-site, thereby reducing the overall cost of installation, it also offers greater flexibility.

    Other innovative features include a ratchet arm that is used to secure the cable within the junction box, allowing it to accommodate both flat and round cable whilst still producing secure cable retention. A fixing pin is used in place of a screw to secure the lid – and a spare pin is even included within the box in case it needs to be opened for rework. Two mounting ‘ears’ are included, allowing the DEBOX to be securely fastened in place, relieving tension from the cables. DEBOX can also be screwed to the wall from inside the box.

    Comments Mark Severn, Director of Sales for Hylec-APL: “Electricians love the fact that installation is virtually tool-free and faster than using competing products. The new CDU we are supplying free to Electrical Wholesalers shows how easy it is to use.”