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    Thermal Overload Relays - DETH-0.75
    Motor Control Gear - Thermal Overload Relays - DETH-0.75

    Thermal Overload Relay - Setting Range (A) 0.5-0.75

    UKCA - EN 60947-4-1,EN-60947-5-1 CSAus - E239743 CCC
    Further Product Information
    • Screw terminals IP20 finger protected.
    • C/W Lockable & Sealable MAN/AUTO Switch.
    • Combi Head Ready open terminals ready to tighten screws.
    • 1 minute self reset when tripped.
    • Lightweight and simple to use.

    Rated thermal current (Ith) A6
    Rated insulation voltage (Ui) VAC600
    Contactor TypeDEC-11D
    Length (mm)93
    Width (mm)44
    Height (mm)77