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    Hylec-APL offers expert specification advise for cable glands and enclosure accessories

    Cable gland design has become increasingly varied as manufacturers begin to realise that they need to offer their customers a distinct advantage in order to hold on to their market share. With all this variation it can be hard to find the cable gland that is right for your application. Fortunately Hylec-APL provides a massive range of mainstream and specialist solutions which offer end-users and OEMs the flexibility to choose the perfect solution for their application.

    To learn more about some of the products in the Hylec-APL cable gland range watch this video.

    Cable glands may seem like a fairly straight forward product to specify. After all, a standard dome top gland has a relatively low unit price, offers IP68 protection and is simple to install. However, they are also often high-volume products meaning that any efficiency improvements during the installation stage can have a knock-on effect on installation costs. A specialist gland that has a feature which reduces installation time, for example, can result in several hours saved over the space of a week and increased profitability.

    Other applications may require a level of specialism that standard products aren't able to deliver. Railway applications, ATEX zones and emergency systems, for example, all require that components meet special regulations. Hylec-APL understands that installers and design engineers don't have the time to develop expert knowledge on every component within their application, instead they have to focus on the big picture and rely on their suppliers to recommend suitable products. This is why it offers one of the largest product portfolios of cable glands and enclosure accessories, available for bulk order, in the UK. The sales team at Hylec-APL are experts on the range and able to work with their customers to find a solution that matches all the criteria of the application.

    To learn more about the Hylec-APL product range, and to speak to a member of the expert sales team, visit the Hylec-APL website: www.hylec-apl.com. To view the complete range of Hylec-APL cable glands and accessories please click here