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    Hylec-APL offers pre-installed IP67 control stations

    In any on-site installation job, time is money. This is why Hylec-APL offers a range of pre-installed control stations (1DE range) which combine tough IP67 enclosures with hard wearing push button and selector switches; helping installers to reduce time spent on-site. Installation is further aided thanks to unique, snap-on brackets for easy wall, chassis and DIN mounting. The control stations feature a registered design and are manufactured and assembled by Hylec-APL company, DE Controls.

    The range, which is offered in a variety of sizes and depths to accommodate different application requirements, is available exclusively from Hylec-APL and boasts up to IP67 protection depending on switch options. The use of robust ABS material to construct the 5mm thick walls makes the range suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

    With the exception of the palm/foot switch, the control stations can also benefit from a unique and innovative time-saving snap-on bracket mounting feature. The brackets are available in DIN rail (DED) or chassis / wall mounting (DEF) options and because they are snap-on, do not compromise the IP rating of the enclosure.

    A significant selection of push button and selector switch types and combinations are available, many of which are in both illuminated and non-illuminated options. Emergency stop units are included within the range which fully conforms to the requirements of BS EN ISO 13850:2008 (formerly EN418), including 'self-latching' switches, red 'mushroom' heads and yellow enclosure lids. Also available are large dome top palm/foot operated switch stations; red and green flush-head button units; and standard / key selector switches.

    Many switch variations can be supplied pre-assembled to ensure that the control station meets each application’s operational and safety requirements. All switches are supplied with 1x N/O and 1xN/C contact block as standard.

    The enclosures are available in two depths which incorporate vertical PCB mounting support slots, as well as horizontal self tapping screw supports, and are delivered complete with 2 x M20 threaded cable gland entries. All products comply fully with ROHS and REACH standards.