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    Hylec-APL JOWs the crowd at LuxLive 2013...

    Hylec-APL enjoyed the busy LuxLive exhibition with many inquiries coming in about its innovative Insulation Displacement Technology (IDT) JOW clamp connectors and extensive range of weatherproof connectors. Hylec-APL specialises in the bulk supply of electrical components which are designed to speed up the installation process and offer reliable, long lasting performance.

    Alex D'Arcy, Hylec-APL Sales Director, comments: "The show was extremely busy this year, which is great to see and paints a very positive picture for the future of the lighting industry in the UK. During the course of the show we spoke to a lot of designers, installers and OEMs who were interested to learn how our products could integrate with their systems to reduce on-site installation costs and maximise efficiency. We have come away from the show with a lot of solid sales leads and are already looking forward to attending the show again next year."

    Hylec-APL, a specialist supplier of electrical components, used the exhibition as an opportunity to showcase its extensive range of waterproof connectors and junction boxes as well as its recently launched JOW connector which rapidly connects solid or multi-strand cable using a simple pair of pliers. The company is extremely experienced within the lighting industry having supplied components for many applications including the new Birmingham Library, 'thecentre:mk' shopping centre and underwater lighting for luxury yachts.

    IDT has been used extensively in the telecommunications, networking and computing industries for many years. Sharpened blades are used to slice into the wire's insulation and make an electrical contact with the wire beneath. This forms a connection without the need to strip the wire, thus reducing installation time. However, this technology has previously only been available for applications where extremely thin wires are used. The JOW clamp - available exclusively from Hylec-APL in the UK - is one of the first connectors to make IDT available for larger single stranded wires as well as multiple stranded wire.

    The clamps are available as an inline or T-junction design and allow the wire to be inserted into the opening which is then clamped shut using a pair of pliers. Once the connector has been clamped it creates a maintenance free and fully insulated connection. The connector joins Hylec's existing range of components for the lighting industry which includes its discrete weatherproof connectors which offer some of the smallest IP68 connections available on the market.

    For further information on the entire range of electrical components for the lighting industry, or to book consultancy meeting with one of Hylec's expert sales engineers, contact Hylec-APL on 01933 234400 or visit www.hylec-apl.com.