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    DE Controls door enclosures offer increased protection with reduced installation times

    DE Controls, the manufacturing arm of Hylec-APL, has developed a range of hinged door enclosures that offer similar degrees of impact resistance to metal enclosures of similar sizes, with the added advantage of lower unit costs and quicker installation. The enclosure range is suitable as a direct replacement for metal enclosures in most applications and is supplied with mounting brackets and a fitted galvanised steel back plate.

    Traditionally metal enclosures have been viewed as the standard choice for applications whereimpact damage is a real possibility, such as industrial applications or areas with heavy footfall. However, while metal enclosures undoubtedly do offer high levels of protection, they aren't indestructible. A deep scratch or a dent in the surface can often lead to corrosion which will quickly compromise the protection that is offered.

    The hinged door enclosure range from DE Controls uses flame retardant ABS with wall thicknesses of up to 3.5mm which offers impact resistance of IK08 (protection against impacts with an energy up to five joules). Because ABS is non-corrosive the enclosures are also able to offer protection from continual exposure to external conditions, even in marine applications. The enclosures offer IP65 protection from dust and moisture ingress and use high quality seals and hinges to ensure that their performance won't deteriorate over time.

    Other benefits of specifying plastic enclosures rather than metal include the reduced unit costs and installation times. Because the material, machining and transport costs of plastic are lower, the unit costs of plastic enclosures is generally lower than metal ones of similar sizes, even though they offer similar degrees of protection. Once in-situ plastic enclosures are far easier to install as they are much lighter; meaning that they require less labour to move them into position and secure them in place.

    DE Controls has further improved installation efficiency by supplying mounting wall brackets and a fitted, galvanised steel back plate with every enclosure. These often need to be sourced and ordered separately, which can cause frustration for installers and distributors, who are then required to stock additional items and produce multiple part numbers. Perforated DIN Rails, also made from galvanised steel, are also available as required.

    The enclosures are available in a selection of eight sizes and can be specified with a solid grey door or a transparent, polycarbonate one. Quarter turn locks are a standard feature of the range for easy fastening, using a triangular key similar to those used for utilities and gas meter enclosures. They are suitable for range of industries including: Marine, Automation, Telecommunication, Gas, Lifts and Elevators, HVAC, Panel Building, Lighting, Construction, Machinery and Cranes.