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    Hylec-APL terminal blocks for very high temperature applications

    Hylec-APL, a specialist UK supplier of electrical components, has introduced a new comprehensive range of Steatite ceramic terminal blocks which are ideal for wire termination in demanding high temperature applications. Manufactured by Hylec-APL Company, DE Controls, the terminal blocks are a design that is available in both two and three pole options.

    The new ranges of Steatite ceramic terminal blocks have several characteristics which make it advantageous over existing porcelain ceramic products. These include higher density, better bending/compression strength, greater elasticity, higher dielectric strength and being non-flammable and temperature resistant with dimensional stability up to 1,000°C. The range complements Hylec’s existing line of polyamide and polypropylene products.

    The terminal blocks are suitable for use in applications with continuous temperatures of up to 350 degress C. The range is available with two or three poles and in a choice of sizes from 21mm x 18mm x 15mm (L x W x H) up to 53mm x 30mm x 23mm with conductor sizes of 1.5mm to 16.0mm Ø. They use nickel-plated brass inserts and zinc-plated steel screws to secure the connection. The terminal blocks include screw mounting holes which are M3, M3.5 or M4 in size.

    About Steatite material

    Unlike most common porcelain ceramics, Steatite ceramic is manufactured from Steatite, or Soapstone, a soft metamorphic rock which is composed mostly of mineral talc and is extremely rich in magnesium. Steatite can be easily shaped and its electrical characteristics make it ideal as an insulator or housing for electrical components. When it is heated to temperatures up to 1,200°C it undergoes a transformation and increases in hardness from 1 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

    For further information on the advantages that the new Steatite ceramic terminal blocks may offer for your high temperature application, or to learn more about Hylec-APL’s wide range of electro-mechanical terminal blocks and connectors, speak directly to one of its expert sales team or download the product catalogue from https://www.hylec-apl.com/