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    Kwik Wire connector blocks from Hylec-APL allow for quick and simple wiring

    Hylec-APL has launched a new range of quick installation connectors which allows users to make a connection by simply pushing the wire into the opening. The discrete units are available with between two and eight conductors and feature dovetail slots for easy stacking. They are ideal for applications that require the common connection of multiple conductors such as lighting ring-main cabling connections in ceiling voids.

    The innovative range of Kwik Wire connectors from Hylec-APL, a leading UK specialist supplier of electrical components, are just 10mm high and 18mm wide. Their length varies between 10mm and 30mm depending on the number of entry points available. The wire is pushed through the entry point and a plated brass insert clamps it in place to form the connection. All products have a transparent side plate enabling a limited view of the internal connections and also feature a test access slot at the rear of the product.

    Each unit is colour coded depending on size for easy identification, and they all feature dove tail slots which makes them easy to stack for neat wiring. Because of their small size they are suited for use in junction boxes, compact electrical devices and other power distribution applications where a quick and safe connection for multiple conductors is required.

    The housings are made from high-temperature resistant thermoplastic (94-V2 grade) and fully comply to IEC/EN 60998-1 and 60998-2-2 standards. The units are suitable for temperatures between -20°C and 100°C and up to 450V/20A for mains wiring. They can accommodate wire dimensions between 0.5 and 2.5mm.