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    Hylec-APL Launches the Smallest IP68 Junction Box on the Market

    Hylec-APL, a specialist supplier of electrical components to OEMs, sub-contract manufacturers, and distribution organisations, has launched the smallest IP68 junction box available on the market. The discrete, gel filled mini-Paguro allows users to make a completely waterproof connection quickly, with a footprint not much wider than the cable itself.

    Hylec-APL is well known for offering a comprehensive range of innovative weatherproof electrical connections which has been designed to meet the varying needs of electrical installers and OEMs. While each product in the range offers its own USP, they all share the common features of secure and safe protection from harsh environments and quick installation.

    Terry Spriggs, Product Marketing Manager for Hylec-APL, comments: “Traditionally, to guarantee IP68 ingress protection, end users have had to specify bulky industrial connectors which are cumbersome and tricky to install. We have developed a range of solutions which breaks from this norm, none more so than the latest mini-Paguro.”

    The 2 pole junction box is capable of taking a conductor size up to 2.5mm2 and has a rated voltage of 250V. The overall product dimensions are just 44mm 18mm x 17.5mm; with a maximum cable diameter of 6mm this means that the entire junction box is barely twice the width of the cable. Installation is extremely quick with just a single screw required to secure the lid.

    The mini-Paguro uses a specially developed silicone gel to ensure that the connection has an ingress protection rating of IP68 to a depth of up to 1.3m and is ideal for underground connections. Unlike most products that use a gel solution that requires mixing during installation and sets solid after use, the mini-Paguro is supplied ‘ready-to-use’ and the gel has a high elastic memory which allows the connection to be opened and closed several times if necessary.

    The mini-Paguro is promoted exclusively by Hylec-APL, based in Wellingborough, and is available via national UK stockists including leading wholesalers and component distributors. Hylec-APL provides free impartial advice and product samples to help ensure the right connection is made every time.