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    Kwik-Snap’ terminal blocks from Hylec-APL reduces on-site installation time for contractors

    When installing electrical systems onsite it is very often the case that two hands aren’t quite enough. If you’re up a ladder, trying to hold a wire in place, with a screwdriver at the ready; trying to cut the required number of poles from a strip of terminal blocks with a sharp Stanley knife is ill advised. Happily Hylec-APL has launched a new range of ‘Kwik-Snap’ terminal strips which can be reduced down to the required size in seconds.

    Most common terminal block strips are manufactured using polyamide which is a strong nylon that provides a suitable and secure bed to form a connection. However it is so strong that to cut a strip down to length a sharp blade is required along with a sturdy surface to push against; this can prove troublesome and time consuming when on-site.

    As a solution some manufactures offer terminal blocks which are constructed from polyethylene, which is a far more flexible material meaning that the strips can be easily separated by hand. While these terminal blocks may prove to be time saving during installation, they can pose a very real safety hazard. Polyethylene has a low melting point and in the event of arcing from the connection has been suspected of causing fires.

    Fortunately for electrical installers, Hylec-APL has developed a new ‘Kwik-Snap’ polypropylene terminal block which combines the toughness of one and the time saving benefits of the other. The polypropylene construction eliminates the risk of fire which is connected to polyethylene and allows the terminal block to be securely fastened to a panel with a screw without distorting the product. The space dividers have been designed to be easily separated by a simple twist of the hand; something that is not possible with polyamide products.

    The VDE approved ‘Kwik-Snap’ terminal block is available exclusively from Hylec-APL. It uses plated metal inserts and zinc-plated steel screws to make a secure connection. Products are available in 12 pole strips with wiring capacity from 4mm squared to 16mm squared. It is suitable for use in ambient temperatures up to 85°C and the pole dividers have a screw hole to quickly secure the connection to most surfaces.