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    From the Horse's Mouth

    “While working on a particularly difficult rewiring job in one of our care homes, I was struggling to access and connect the cables in the attic space and under the floorboards. Trying to balance screwdrivers, screws, a torch, connectors and a fiddly connection box at an awkward angle didn’t help and a workmate overhearing me swearing came to investigate.”

    “When he saw what the problem was, he dug into his toolbox and handed me a few junction boxes telling me I should try these instead. I wasn’t convinced, but minutes later I had connected up several of the boxes in no time at all!”

    “The junction boxes were from Hylec and were called DEBOX, coming complete with their terminals and built in sealing clips. What’s more they didn’t use screws, either to connect the cable or anchor the cables either. You simply feed the wires into the terminal block; snap the levers down and push the cable housings into the cable clamps.”

    “To finish the job you snap the lid shut and stick in a locking clip to create a maintenance free connection. There’s even a couple of built in fixing lugs so the box can be secured in place if need be. I’m definitely a convert!”


     Jamie O’Sullivan, Electrician at Oakleaf Group

    Debox SL2 in situ 1Debox SL2 in situ 2


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