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    Components that can stand the heat are ideal for the kitchen - specialist terminal blocks


    Broad range for OEM consumer and industrial/commercial ovens, cookers, washing machines, driers, dishwashers

    September 2019 - Wellingborough, UK:  Finding the right terminal blocks for specialist applications operating at high temperatures can present a challenge for designers, especially those designing the latest models of consumer and commercial/industrial ovens, including the large range cookers that have become so popular in recent years.  A specialist range of products developed specifically for commercial and domestic appliances that operate at high heat is now available at Hylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical components and enclosures.

    Screw to tab terminal block models with between 2 and 7 poles are available in the FV Series, which operates at temperatures from – 5degC to +150degC.  Voltage is 450V, and current between 25A and 41A depending model.  There are devices in the FV Series designed to suit ceramic hobs, electric hobs, ovens and gas hobs, motors and pumps, as well as general appliances. 

    The PA Family of terminal blocks with integrated cable clamps includes Series PA84 that offers an earth bracket version and a fuse holder version, both available with or without screws.  Rated at 450V, 16A, working temperature ranges from -5degC to +110degC.  These models suit small appliances for the domestic market, as well as professional appliances. For gas hobs, PA299 and PA299C are snap-in fixing on chassis terminal blocks with integrated cable clamps, earth brackets and RF filter and can withstand working temperatures of +125degC.

    Terminal boxes for gas hobs, electric hobs, ovens and industrial applications are available in multiple styles including Series PA309 with integrated cable clamp and earth bracket for gas hobs, and Series PA233SN with an integrated cable clamp and grounding plate for electric hobs and ovens.   The devices are IP30 rated and VDE approved.