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    New M20 20mm diameter venting elements prevent internal condensation

    Prevents internal damage in sealed enclosures

     April 2015 – Wellingborough, UK: Hylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical and electronic components, enclosures and rack systems, has announced a new 20mm diameter member of its venting element family which protects sensitive circuitry from the effects of moisture.

    When an enclosure is exposed to changing temperatures, the air inside will expand and contract as it heats and cools respectively. As the air contracts, the internal pressure decreases and air is forced in This air contains moisture which can condense causing damage to electrical and electronic systems. Even if an enclosure is in a stable environment, water ingress can still result from heat caused by the system itself.

    Hylec-APL’s venting elements can be quickly installed on the wall of an enclosure, ensuring that the pressure inside an enclosure is maintained at the same level as it is externally, so no moisture-carrying air is drawn inside the system and condensation is avoided.

    Mark Severn, Director of Sales for Hylec-APL, comments: “Almost all sealed enclosures on the market - especially enclosures with a high IP rating - are susceptible to moisture ingress if temperature changes cause a large enough pressure differential. Our low cost venting elements are as easy to install as a simple cable gland and can prevent failures which could cost thousands in lost productivity and repair bills.”

    As well as the M20 20mm diameter venting elements, Hylec-APL also supplies M12 & an M40 version is available too.