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    TeePlug from Hylec-APL helps to protect Windsor Castle from flooding

    Hylec-APL has supplied IP68 TeePlug connectors for use on a weir at the head of the Jubilee River. The river, which is man-made, is used to divert water away from the Thames and prevent flooding around Windsor, Eton and Maidenhead. The TeePlugs have been specified to facilitate quick replacement of the transducers which monitor the position of the weir's hydraulic cylinders; helping to ensure the flood defence's reliability.

    The Jubilee River is a man-made hydraulic channel which was built in the early 2000's to re-direct overflow from the River Thames and prevent flooding around the towns of Windsor, Eton and Maidenhead. The river is 7.2 miles long and an average of 45 metres wide, which makes it the second largest man-made river in Europe. It was named the Jubilee River as it was completed on the year of the Queen's Golden Jubilee and it affords protection to the stretch of the River Thames that runs past Windsor Castle - the Queen's preferred residence.

    The river begins at Taplow Weir, where three sluice gates help to control the river levels and increase the flow during periods of prolonged rainfall to remove stress from the Thames' natural flow. In order to maximise the efficiency of the Jubilee River it is vital that the weir operates reliably throughout the year. Transducers are used to monitor the position of the gate rams which can be monitored remotely. While the transducers aren't vital to the primary operation of the gates, they are required for the monitoring, and any failures need to be repaired as quickly as possible.

    During a recent round of routine maintenance at the weir, the decision was made to upgrade the transducers with TeePlug inline plug and socket connectors from Hylec-APL. The compact and functional connectors make it easy for the maintenance teams to quickly connect and disconnect transducers for testing and reduce replacement times in the event of a failure. This means that the weir can be monitored at all times and ensures that the surrounding towns are protected from flooding.

    The TeePlug TH384 series was chosen as it is compact and quick to install while offering IP68 protection. Unlike many waterproof connectors, which are often cumbersome and require a time consuming tooling process to connect and install, the TeePlug uses a simple cable gland design to facilitate quick wire entry that is completely water tight. Ten units were ordered for use at the weir and they have been used successfully since the initial installation.

    Hylec-APL offers a wide range of waterproof and weatherproof components which are suitable for use in many applications where the highest levels of ingress protection are required.