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    Hylec-APL supplies compact connector solution for all-weather advertising signs

    External display advertising is an effective means of communicating a message to a wide and diverse audience. Positioned by bus stops, elevators and even national monuments, it is common to see an advert for the nearest fast food outlet or the latest cinema release illuminated by an advertising light box in every town of the UK. Due to the heavy footfall in some areas these advertising boards can command a high premium in terms of rates, but that’s dependant on their reliability. Fortunately Hylec-APL supplies a range of compact waterproof connectors which keep the boards shining in any weather.

    Stock Displays is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-spec display products for both internal and external use. Some of its most popular products are light box display boards for use in public areas. The boxes illuminate their message making them clearer to read and ensuring that they stand out from hoard of posters we are all accustomed to. With customers including Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and the Royal Albert Hall, it needs to be sure that its products can withstand daily use and continue to display their messages in wind, rain and snow.

    James Edwards, Managing Director of Stock Displays, comments: “Some of the locations that our light boxes are positioned in can command thousands of pounds per week in advertising. Obviously when people are paying that much they want to be sure that there message is getting across. Light boxes which are positioned outside in public spaces need to be able to withstand the great British weather, but also regular knocks and bumps from passersby. All the components we specify for our products are of the highest standards to ensure reliability year on year.”

    It’s important the light boxes are as compact as possible to make sure that they aren’t disruptive to flow of pedestrians as they pass by. This means that all the components need to be as small as possible without compromising on reliability. In order to source suitable electrical connectors, Stock Displays approached Hylec-APL, a leading UK supplier of electrical components, to enquire about its weather proof range of components.

    Fortunately Hylec-APL was able to offer a solution which met all of the company’s needs. The all-new Mini-TEETUBE series TH391 is the latest addition to the innovative TEE family of weatherproof products which offer quick and easy installation with IP68 ingress protection. Introduced recently as an alternative to the original mini-TEETUBE (series TH390), the new product has a reduced diameter of only 23mm and a length of 68mm which makes it one of the smallest IP68 electrical connectors on the market which doesn’t depend on silicone gel to protect the wiring from moisture ingress.

    The connector uses a unique design which sees the terminal block forming part of the external housing to achieve its tiny footprint. The wire is inserted through each end of the connector and then secured into the terminal block. The terminal block features secure sealing and can be directly screwed to the connector’s entry points. The IP68 seal is then formed using the dome topped cable glands which form the entry points of the connector.

    James continues: “The new mini-TEETUBE is exactly what we needed for our application. Because the product uses cable glands to form the seal there is in built cable retention, as well as ingress protection, which protects the internal wiring from all of the hazards of the light boxes public location. The compact nature of the product means that it fits perfectly in the limited space available to it, yet it’s quick and easy to wire.”