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    Landscapeplus trusts Hylec-APL’s unique weatherproof connectors for tough outdoor applications

    Landscapeplus, a leading trade supplier of professional garden lighting, irrigation, pond and associated structural wiring products, has named Hylec-APL’s range of patented weatherproof connectors as the ideal product range for outdoor gardening applications. Supplying to landscape contractors, electrical contractors and lighting contractors, the company believes that the Hylec range is ideal for the job.

    Garden landscaping applications are one of the toughest tests for electrical connectors. Often subjected to freezing temperatures, direct sunlight, heavy rain and even full submersion in ponds or buried underground, the components need to protect wiring year round with very little opportunity for maintenance or repair. For this reason it is essential that landscaping and electrical contractors can rely on the components that Landscapeplus supply.

    Paul Willavoys, Commercial Manager for Landscapeplus, comments: “As a supplier to trade we are very proud of offering a complete package of accessories that are ideal for the systems that we sell. When installing outdoor lighting, pumps, fountains and other equipment our customers need to be able to guarantee longevity of their work. We have found that Hylec’s weatherproof connectors are the perfect products for these applications and regularly recommend them to our customers.”

    Hylec’s range of fully approved all-weather TeeTube, TeeBox and TeePlug products offers IP68 protection with up to 8 pole connection options; the Tee products use dome topped cable glands to provide very quick and secure connections without the need for specialised tools. Landscapeplus has found the TeeBox junction boxes to be particularly suited for low voltage lighting as the easy lock/unlock opening system means that electrical installers can make quick and secure connections in an environment that often requires immediate protection from the elements.

    The weatherproof range also includes the innovative range of gel filled Paguro junction boxes, which includes the smallest IP68 junction box on the market. Available in 2, 3 and 4 way cable entry, the unique feature of the Paguro product range is the pre-loaded silicone gel which is water repelling and has a high elastic memory that allows it to be re-used if necessary. The properties of the gel make this an ideal connector for surface connections, submerged connections (it can withstand permanent submersion to a depth of 1.3m) and particularly for outdoor low level lighting applications where the connections are required to be buried.