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    Underwater Lights are protected with Hylec-APL’s TeeBox

    Yacht lighting is becoming increasingly popular; not only does it provide an ambient glow to surroundings when moored, it is also used to enhance vision at night when sailing in shallow waters. Underwater Lights Ltd. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and supplier of lighting systems for ship hulls, interiors and decking, with a reputation for reliability and quality. When looking for suitable housings for LED drivers it found Hylec-APL was able to source the ideal solution.

    Near the top of everybody’s lottery win shopping list is the obligatory luxury yacht; we all have visions of pulling into the harbour at Monaco and sitting out on the deck in the evening drinking gin and tonic. For the lucky few that live this dream, an important consideration in getting the atmosphere just right is the lighting that can give the water around you an ethereal glow. With over twenty years experience in the industry, Underwater Lights Ltd is one of the world’s most respected manufacturers and installers of such systems.

    Peter Urquhart, of Underwater Lights Ltd., comments: “The correct lighting system in a yacht can help to give a vessel the perfect atmosphere for an evening spent in the harbour. However, it is also an important navigational tool while sailing in shallow waters. We pride ourselves on installing high quality, reliable systems designed around the characteristics of each boat.”

    Due to their superb luminescence and long life span, Underwater Lights Ltd. often uses LEDs to add atmosphere to a boat’s interior and exterior lighting. As LEDs require drivers to control them it is important that they are housed in enclosures capable of protecting them from the harsh environments that can be encountered at sea. Underwater Lights Ltd. manufactures its own drivers and only sources components for its products that are of the highest quality.

    Peter Urquhart continues: “While these systems are designed for luxury vessels it is still important to remember that they will be operating in extremely harsh marine environments. The salty air and high winds that are found in such applications mean that LED drivers, which are particularly vulnerable to water damage, need to be housed in an enclosure that can be trusted to protect them in the harshest of seas. The TeeBox from Hylec-APL not only delivers this protection but also allows for quick installation and easy access should maintenance be required.”

    The TeeBox is available exclusively from Hylec-APL, one of the UK’s leading volume suppliers of electrical and electronic components. Available in a range of options and sizes they offer up to IP68 ingress protection and up to 4 way cable entry connections. Connections are secured using dome top cable glands and the box is closed with two screws, making it simple to open and close in the event of maintenance. An effective use of space ensures that the TeeBox has ample room for electronics whilst maintaining a discrete and aesthetic look.

    Hylec-APL Sales Manager, Rob MacDougall, adds: “We are extremely happy that we were able to help Underwater Lights Ltd., as a company it manufactures its products to very high specification and it is always satisfying to help a company maintain such standards. The TeeBox was ideal for the application as it is quick and easy to install and has fantastic accessibility in the event that maintenance is required.”