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    Plugs and Sockets - HYPS-01712
    Emech Terminals/Accessories - Plugs and Sockets - HYPS-01712

    12 Pole plug & socket pillar block polyamide 6a 250v

    • 12 way plug and socket terminal strip can be cut to pole lengths required
    • IP 30 plg/skt connectors in 3,4 & 5 pole with latch options for lighting applications
    • Modular assembly allows rapid disconnection/reconnection for testing and/or replacement units
    • GST Style connectors VDE Approved to mate with Wieland and Adels equivalents

    Number of Poles12
    Body MaterialNatural polyamide
    Base TypeRaised
    Max Conductor Size (Sq mm)2.5
    Max Current (A)6
    Pitch (mm)10

    Farnell   CPC   Rapid