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    Control Stations

    Control Stations


    The Hylec Control Station range comes in a variety of colours and functions.

    • The Emergency Stop Stations come in a bright yellow housing and include an impact stop button with twist/push/unlocking reset options.
    • The Dual Push Buttons offer separate on/off buttons in a single housing and the Palm/Foot operated switches come with a choice of Red, Green or Black Mushroom button.
    • The Selector Switches offer an on/off twisting selector and a lockable version, for authorised-only operation.
    • Finally, the Flush Button Stations offer separate “On” and “Off” housings, a combined single housing and the option for forward and reverse operation buttons.

    The Control Stations are housed in high impact resistant, flame retardant ABS to UL94-HB. We can also supply a wide range of switches, pilot lamps and other accessories to supply customised products. Please ask for details.


    Control Stations Hit Stop, Twist Reset Key Reset Hit Stop, Grren Button Start Hit Stop, Grren Buttons Up/Down Start Red Off, Green On Red, Green, Black Options Twist On/Off Key Option Red Stop Switch Green Start Switch Red Stop, Green Start Switches Green FWD, Red Stop, Green REV Switches

    CODEActionH (mm)W (mm)D (mm)ButtonCoverBaseIP RatingKey Lock
    1DE.01.01ABE-Stop, Twist Release738053RedYellowBlackIP66 
    1DE.01.01AGE-Stop, Twist Release738053RedYellowGreyIP66 
    1DE.01.03ABE-Stop, Twist Release738053RedYellowBlackIP56
    1DE.01.03AGE-Stop, Twist Release738053RedYellowGreyIP56
    1DE.02.01ABRed E-Stop, Green Start1068053Red/GreenYellowBlackIP56 
    1DE.02.01AGRed E-Stop, Green Start1068053Red/GreenYellowGreyIP56 
    1DE.03.01ABRed E-Stop, 2 Green Start Up/Down1398053Red/2 GreenYellowBlackIP56 
    1DE.03.01AGRed E-Stop, 2 Green Start Up/Down1398053Red/2 GreenYellowGreyIP56 
    1DE.01.10ABDouble Push Button738053Red/GreenGreyBlackIP56 
    1DE.01.10AGDouble Push Button738053Red/GreenGreyGreyIP56 
    1DE.SP.21NBPalm/Foot Button8585102BlackGreyBlackIP66 
    1DE.SP.21NGPalm/Foot Button8585102GreenGreyBlackIP66 
    1DE.SP.21NRPalm/Foot Button8585102RedGreyBlackIP66 
    1DE.01.08ABTwist Switch Stop/Start738053BlackGreyBlackIP56 
    1DE.01.08AGTwist Switch Stop/Start738053BlackGreyGreyIP56 
    1DE.01.09ABTwist Switch Stop/Start738053BlackGreyBlackIP56
    1DE.01.09AGTwist Switch Stop/Start738053BlackGreyGreyIP56
    1DE.01.04ABSingle Switch Stop738053RedGreyBlackIP66 
    1DE.01.04AGSingle Switch Stop738053RedGreyGreyIP66 
    1DE.01.06ABSingle Switch Start738053GreenGreyBlackIP66 
    1DE.01.06AGSingle Switch Start738053GreenGreyGreyIP66 
    1DE.02.02ABRed Stop, Green Start1068053Red/GreenGreyBlackIP66 
    1DE.02.02AGRed Stop, Green Start1068053Red/GreenGreyGreyIP66 
    1DE.03.02ABRed Stop, 2 Green Start FWD/REV1398053Red/GreenGreyBlackIP66 
    1DE.03.02AGRed Stop, 2 Green Start FWD/REV1398053Red/GreenGreyGreyIP66